Hijacked by BrowserModifier?-How Can I Get Rid of BrowserModifier Completely!

As the name suggests, BrowserModifier will make changes to your Internet browsers. But it can actually do more than that and classified as a potentially unwanted application. You may see it referred to as BrowserModifier:Win32/Prifou.
BrowserModifier will change the default home page in the most popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It will also make changes to the search facilities within your browsers as well.
When you have BrowserModifier on your computer it is very likely that you will see advertising banners appear on web pages you are visiting which were not part of the original website. This can be very irritating as some of the banners can be quite large.
Sometimes the BrowserModifier will turn text on web pages randomly into clickable links. If you click on these links then you will be taken to pages that BrowserModifier wants you to go to. These are likely to be ads for products etc.
A common issue with BrowserModifier is that it will make fake popup boxes appear while you are browsing. These popups will tell you that certain software on your computer needs to be updated but this is all fake. Clicking on buttons in these popups will take you to other web pages that are unrelated and trying to get you to sign up or purchase something.
Some people have experienced unwanted adware installations on their computers without their knowledge when they have the BrowserModifier. Any program that does this is potentially dangerous as you always need to be aware of new installations.
BrowserModifier is a program that needs installing on your computer for it to work properly. If you download free software then it can be part of a bundle and there have been users who have stated that the program installed without their knowledge.
Another method of distribution is from spam emails. There will be a link in these emails that takes the user to a web page where you can download BrowserModifier and install it. You might find it disguised as something else so avoid clicking links in spam emails.
BrowserModifier certainly has the potential to harm your computer. It will also slow things down for you which will be very annoying. It creates ads on demand and this will take up valuable system resources and also eat into your Internet bandwidth. If you have a really high performance computer and a very fast Internet connection it can still slow things up a little.
The ads that BrowserModifier serves up are certainly not to be trusted. Even if they look legitimate they could be hiding sinister problems such as bloatware which will consume your computer’s resources, phishing attempts and even viruses.

How to get rid of BrowserModifier from your computer?

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Or get rid of BrowserModifier manually.

  1. Uninstall malicious programs from Windows
  2. Reset your Browser

Steps to Uninstall an App or Program in Window 10 Using Control Panel:

1.Click on the Start Menu and click on Setting

Start Menu

2.In the Setting Menu, click on the System


3.From the left side of screen click on Apps & Features

Apps & Features

4.Now from the right side click on the App/Program you want to uninstall

app/program uninstall

5.Next, click on the Uninstall Button

Uninstall button

6.A popup will come. Click again on Uninstall button in the popup

Uninstall button pop up

7.Click on Yes and your app is now uninstalled.

Yes pop up

Reset Chrome in window

1.To reset Chrome, open the chrome browser and click on the Chrome menu button at the top right-hand corner of the window.

Chrome menu button

2.From the dropdown menu click on the setting as shown below. A new page will come.

Chrome menu button setting

3.Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Advance button as shown below.

Chrome Advance button

4.Now Scroll down to the bottom of the page again and click on the reset button as shown in the image below.

Chrome Reset button

5.A new pop up will come and click on Reset Button

Chrome Reset button pop up

6.You are done.

Step to Reset Microsoft Edge in window

1.Click on the Start Menu in the window 10 at the bottom right of the screen and click on settings

Window Start Menu

2.In the settings, click on the System from the left

Window System

3.In the settings, click on the System Apps and Features from the left

Windows System Apps and Features

4.Now search for Microsoft Edge by scrolling down from right

5.Click on Microsoft Edge when found and Click on Advance Option

Microsoft Edge Advance Option

6.The following window will be open and Click on Reset button to reset the Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Reset button

7.You are done.

Reset Mozilla Firefox in window

1.Open the Firefox browser

2.Click on the Menu Icon at the top right of the browser window.

Menu Icon

3.Now select the Question Mark Icon at the bottom of the drop down menu.

Question Mark Icon

4.Click on Troubleshooting Information in the new menu open.

Troubleshooting Information

5.Click on Reset Firefox button at the top right of the new Web page.

Reset Firefox Button

6.Finally, click on Reset Firefox in the confirmation pop-up window.

Reset Firefox Pop Up

7.You are done.

Reset Internet Explorer in window

1.Right click on the Start button and click on Settings

Start Button

2.Click on Network and Internet

Network and Internet

3.In the new window see at the bottom and click on Internet Options as shown below.

Internet Explorer Internet Options

4.A new window will open. In the new window first click on Advance and then click on Reset button.

Internet Explorer Advance

5.If you want to reset Internet Explorer without deleting personal information, then click on Reset.

Internet Explorer Reset

6.Click on close in new pop up and You are done.

Internet Explorer Close

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